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Magnesium Foot Scrub

Magnesium Foot Scrub

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A wonderful scrub to treat your feet with at the end of a long, tiring day. This scrub will relieve pain and stress in the feet straight away and leave them feeling moisturised and tingly from the peppermint essential oil.

NOTE: We do not package in plastics. Please do not take this glass jar into the shower or bath tub. Scoop the desired amount (you don't need much) into an unbreakable bowl using a clean spoon and use from it. We use minimal natural preservatives and so you do not want to get water into this product. You also do not want to run the risk of dropping the jar and having to deal with broken glass. Please always be careful. Check out our silicone bowls and wooden spoons for this purpose here.

Directions: Soak feet in a foot spa or tub of warm water for a few minutes. Gently massage a small amount of scrub over feet, one foot at a time. Return feet to spa or tub, rinse and relax. Dry feet and moisturise if needed.

Ingredients: Epson salts, sea salt, shea butter, coconut oil, kaolin clay, colloidal silver, peppermint essential oil.



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