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Kunapipi Pulse Point Balm

Kunapipi Pulse Point Balm

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'For the Womenfolk'

A nurturing and balancing balm to help cope with those hormonal times in life.

Kunapipi is a mother goddess and the patron deity of many heroes in Australian Aboriginal mythology. She gave birth to human beings as well as to most animals and plants. Now a vague, otiose, spiritual being, 'the old woman' once travelled across the land with a band of heroes and heroines, and during the ancestral period, the dreamtime, she gave birth to men and women as well as creating the natural species.


Fragonia's Influence on the Female Menstrual Cycle

Karen Wallwork, an Australian aromatherapist, has found in her clinical research on 'Agonis fragrans and the Female Menstrual Cycle' that Fragonia seems to have the ability to assist in regulating the hormonal imbalance which comes under the control of the pituitary gland. The constituents of Fragonia allow it to penetrate, decongest and disperse allowing the body's homeostasis to be restored.

  • There was a significant improvement relating to pain, depression, anxiety, breast tenderness and bloating. There was also a positive shift in relationships and productivity and duration of symptoms decreased from 3 -5 days to 1 - 3 days.
  • Applications of the oil or cream to the brow or lower abdomen were both effective
  • Normally several oils in varying ratios are required to treat the presenting symptoms. The study found that Fragonia used alone was effective

As well, some feedback has been received on the positive effect of Fragonia with hot flushes and in treating migraines associated with menstruation.

Being a 'female' orientated oil, Fragonia helps balance and regulate the reproductive system at a holistic level. (Dr Penoel, 2011)


Directions: Glide finger over the balm and then gently massage over any pulse point on the body.

Ingredients: Olive oil*, beeswax, evening primrose oil, wild yam, raspberry leaf, cranberry, sage, marshmallow root, chamomile, vitamin e, essential oils of orange, frankincense & fragonia.



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