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Health Kulture Botanicals

Underarm Deodorant Powder

Underarm Deodorant Powder

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Throw out your conventional deodorant right now! The majority of them are doing you harm, if it is an antiperspirant then it definitely is. They contain aluminium, parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates, triclosan and so on. All these chemicals absorb through your skin and lodge in the lymph nodes and breast tissue. And, they make you sick. Antiperspirants stop you from sweating, they clog the pores and so the body's attempt to eliminate toxins is halted. The toxins are trapped in your body. And this makes you sick too.

This natural deodorant powder is a combination of Australian native sandalwood powder, zeolite and zinc oxide, all pure substances that we have blended in the perfect ratio to offer a healthy alternative. Just dab a tiny amount onto dry armpits or apply with one of our brushes, here. The powder will last you several months, it goes a loooong way.

If you are changing over from a conventional deodorant, we strongly recommend that you do an underarm detox as well for the first week or so. You may be a bit smelly during this time until the toxins are removed and the body balances itself. This is only very temporary. After the detox, you'll be smelling like roses ... or rather, sandalwood.

Ingredients - Australian native sandalwood, zeolite, non nano zinc oxide.




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